Sewing Burda! Thin blue knit sweater

       Blue knit 3

        So, as a gift for my birthday my mom signed me up for 12 months of Russian Burda magazine delivered right to my door here, in Las Vegas NV. I am so happy, really! I received April’s issue recently, about a week ago and I could not take my eyes off of it since then. Here is my version of one of the models presented my Burda.

My Burda studio page – here

I made this tote as well, check it out here

      Pattern is so easy that I am pretty sure you can draft it yourself or trace it off of the existing piece of garment.  One of the key ideas by creating this piece: use simple patter that would benefit knit fabric. I modified the neckline a bit, since the knit I used is VERY stretchy I knew I wont be able to make a smooth V-neckline. Instead I substituted it with a triangle piece of lace, that still gives that V-neckline look. I hope you enjoy!

Blue knit 5


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