I was here: Madeira, here I come!


      It definitely is fun, when you sit at home all surrounded by different gadgets, electronics, Mac’s and what not. Nowadays, being adventurous is almost considered being a hero, when back in the days it was just a part of life, although a lot of youngsters use traveling as so-called “hobby”. When you go and see new horizons you get this privilege to post cool pictures on facebook and tag yourself  in the places you barely know anything of. But what is there that really makes you appreciate the world as it is? Have you ever seen the truly mighty power or nature beauty, flower fields, seas and oceans, flora and fauna that inhabits those places?

    Let me tell you about the place that is like no other in the world, but not because of the tall skyscrapers or amazing night-life, cheap food and numerous entertainments as other places are famous of. But simply because of its true nature and beauty  – island of Madeira it is!


       I have been there twice, and if I ever get a chance to visit this place again – for sure I would take it. There is no reasons why to do it or not, it is simply a “must see”. 3 places that I found to be most amazed of, were: port of Funchal, Botanic Gardens and trip by the cable car. While Funchal is a capital of Madeira it also is the biggest port of call for large amounts of cruise ships. The place on its own is very busy, but worth seeing. The scenery of blue water in the bay and white yachts brings well deserved feeling of peace and harmony. For those who are passionate about seafaring and ship industry it is a good place to observe some of the most beautiful ships in the world come and go as they embark or leave the port of Funchal. The city itself stretches along the coast line and as I love to explore the local culture I dived in to explore the city. You all probably must know how I love to sneak through local farmers markets – and there I was walking out with 3 different bottles of Madeira wine and 5 little samples as gifts for my friends. By the way, if you are a wine lover it is worth to try Madeira wine, even more than that – there are some historical wineries on this island, that can provide guided tours. Even though I did not book the tour, in one of the wine shops I visited I was explained everything about Madeira wine – just take advantage and ask 🙂P1060356

    Since tours to the Botanic Gardens would start only at 12 noon I had some extra time to wonder around the town. Cathedral, that is located right in the city center, is worth seeing and visiting, as well as the main square around it. Streets are narrow and full of nice local trinket shops and cafes. If I say that city itself has nothing special to it – then I will be definitely wrong. Every historical place and landmark has something unique, as Madeira is one of them, but those who have seen enough –  will understand. First sight of the city gives you a taste and certain expectations of what will follow next. It shall be said that Botanic Gardens is completely different story. I have honestly never seen ANYTHING like this before! As much as I would love to describe it, I will let the photos speak for it!

Botanic Gardens

On your way back make sure you do the cable car journey and you will get this chance to see Madeira from the height of a bird flight. It makes you realize that the island itself is colossal home for different species of animal and plant worlds. Enchanting and breath-taking! One of the lifetime things “to do” – to visit Madeira!

Hope you all have a great beginning of the week!




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