Sew stretchy: Blue knit & lace dress

      I can not say I am a fan of working with stretchy materials like spandex and t-shirt jersey, but when you hand me in sweater knit fabric – I am all in. The reason I like it: it is soft, light and you can pair it up in the most extraordinary combinations. This time I was craving to make a dress that would be presentable, but easy to wear at the same time. By easy I meant that it won’t require too much of work to dress it up.

As usually you can find my project at Burda studio here.

That is also one of the projects that I will be submitting this month for The Monthly Stitch challenge.

Materials: blue lace, white crepe, silver & blue sweater knit

Pattern: New Look raglan t-shirt ( I traced it out longer accordingly to the length of my dress)

I decided to add a bit more of a twist by adding scalloped lace edges as a rim of the neckline and at the bottom, on both sides. In my opinion, this dress would be suitable better for autumn or winter, since it is made out of sweater knit, although it is a quite fine knit and blends in together nicely.

P.S.: It is not the first raglan t-shirt dress that I made, check out this one.

Blue knit dress 2


15 thoughts on “Sew stretchy: Blue knit & lace dress

      1. You can start with smaller projects (phones case, tote) and hand stitch those, but mostly you will need sewing machine. Just get the simple one, with basic options, it should be around $100. Using sewing machine is faster + more durable. Hope it helps! 🙂


    1. Thank you! Yes, spandex is a big NO NO for me. I rather install a zipper in my cotton dress, than use spandex. But then again, people are different. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I love your dress! Having looked at my wardrobe and lifestyle, I really want to combine comfort, sportiness, femininity and ease in my future designs, so I love how you’ve managed to combine all these things so effortlessly! Very inspiring 😀


    1. Oh, thank you so much! I agree, I love to look good, but comfort comes first. I can’t rush through the life if I am constantly thinking if everything is OK with my outfit. 🙂


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