I was here: Mexican Riviera


There is definitely something about Mexico: sun, Mexican rhythms and friendly “Hola!” all around. Our arrival to the Manzanillo port was colorful and exciting adventure as we got to spend almost 5 hours there and, later on, couple of days in another cities of Mexico exploring local culture by eating food, talking to locals and shopping for some authentic trinkets!

So much there should be said about Mexico and it is such a shame that I do not have enough time to share it with you! Most important thing is that this is completely different world. If we start with description of local markets, houses and churches then we will need to step back from usual stereotypes and think wide and out of the box! Well, I am off to eat my Mexican Eggs, so bon appetite and stay posted!

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As I remember now – Mexico left one of the brightest impressions amongst other destinations of my journeys. You are probably questioning – why? As odd and unusual as it might sound, but this country surprised me with generous and welcoming mentality of local people. We all know that Mexico is not in the top of most wealthiest countries in the world, but it should not matter completely when it comes to the people and their states of mind. Religious yet open-minded, pour yet very generous, crippled by crime yet beautiful nature – this place is as controversial as it can only be.

Burst of colors,  textiles, flavors and new, unexpected gastronomic extravaganza – would be my main highlights of visiting this amazing place. Of course, everyone is in the possession of deciding on their own, but as experienced traveler I should say that you can travel to Italy or Spain, indulge yourself with beauties of France, but in order to twist your mind and spin your way of looking at the world – Mexico should be in your “to visit” list.

Remember – you wont know until you try!

Xo xo,



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