Greek inspired dress for Project Sewn!

9 thoughts on “Greek inspired dress for Project Sewn!”

    1. Well…. this one was quite a pain because of those raglan sleeves. They just would not sit right, so I ended up remaking the pattern to fit my needs. I have been following your blog as well, you sure need to take part in those sewing contests/sew along/competitions!


      1. I noticed that you said you’d had to remake the pattern for the sleeves to work, so I’m even MORE impressed by how it turned out!

        *Blush* You’re very kind, thank you. Am such a slow sewer, though, that I feel a little overwhelmed by the thought of taking part in sewing contests/sew along/competitions!

        Where do you find out about such things, though (in case I DO work up the speed/courage!)? 🙂


      2. Usually I participate in two of those: Project Sewn and The Monthly Stitch (just google them), there are couple more, but the more blogs you follow the bigger is the chance that somewhere you will spot a link to a sew-along. Your blog is nice, and most competitions go on for a month – so you have plenty of time to get ready 🙂 You have a great blog and great sewing – you should definitely challenge yourself, it is so much fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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