Greek inspired dress for Project Sewn!

Greek cover dress 1 copy

First things first:

  • Vote and view my dress on Project Sewn – here
  • Burda style studio – here

At first glance there is nothing Greek about this dress, but… despite the fact that this is female dress it was inspired by male Greek toga. Well, nowadays  it is called shirt dress. Also, I just found this dress on the web after I googled in “Greek inspired shirt dress” (looks too ethnic for me though):

Fabric: Unfortunately you can’t really see on the pictures that I used the combination of pale pink blush crepe and black eyelet fabric (that I got from Jo-Anns in remnant section, only 1/2 yard, it was barely enough!). I assumed that choice of baby blue, white or gold would be too obvious for Greek inspired dress and wanted to step out of the box with color choice.

Pattern: It is not really a color-block dress, but if to be honest I wanted to play a bit of geometry and shapes, that is the reason I chose my favorite New Look pattern for raglan sleeve T-shirt 0911. This time I chose the variation of this pattern with long sleeves and I should say I was quite disappointed. I knew that raglan sleeves won’t really sit as fitted as classic sleeves, but for some reason my sleeves came out completely off, messing up the neckline as well. I ended up re-doing and re-sketching the pattern on my own. And now it looks the way it should.

I forgot to add, that the eye let fabric went on top of crepe, so it wouldn’t be see through. You may also say that it makes this dress to be fully lined.

Additional techniques: This time I also wanted to play around with some new techniques, like embroidery. My sewing machine is amazing and it also had well-known Greek ornament as an option. I used it to embroider the edges of the sleeves.

Greek dress 7

All in all I am very pleased with the outcome, it has slight ethnic hint, but not too much. Can be worn as a party dress, or maybe paired up with longer shorts and worn as tunic. I believe it can be styled in various ways. Let me know what you think and enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Greek inspired dress for Project Sewn!

    1. Well…. this one was quite a pain because of those raglan sleeves. They just would not sit right, so I ended up remaking the pattern to fit my needs. I have been following your blog as well, you sure need to take part in those sewing contests/sew along/competitions!


      1. I noticed that you said you’d had to remake the pattern for the sleeves to work, so I’m even MORE impressed by how it turned out!

        *Blush* You’re very kind, thank you. Am such a slow sewer, though, that I feel a little overwhelmed by the thought of taking part in sewing contests/sew along/competitions!

        Where do you find out about such things, though (in case I DO work up the speed/courage!)? 🙂


      2. Usually I participate in two of those: Project Sewn and The Monthly Stitch (just google them), there are couple more, but the more blogs you follow the bigger is the chance that somewhere you will spot a link to a sew-along. Your blog is nice, and most competitions go on for a month – so you have plenty of time to get ready 🙂 You have a great blog and great sewing – you should definitely challenge yourself, it is so much fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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