Chasing summer with Burda’s shorts and “failed” skirt turned into a top

Summer set 4

        Okay, truth is, today I failed on making my most favorite cupcakes in the world  – carrot cupcakes. God only knows why, but they turned out bitter. I studied recipe for 10 times, tried to analyze what could go wrong. Was it baking soda, or carrots themselves, or maybe oil??? Bitter with myself and about an hour later without a single clue I decided to put my hands on another thing I know how to do best – sewing.

       Visit my Burda’s studio page here

      Summer here is playing its game for about 2-3 months now and I can’t wait to make more flowing summer dresses and gowns. I would love to wear those all the time but a girl like me also needs something more humble and simple like summer shorts. Comfy to wear and easy to pair with different tops and shoes.

        Pattern: So, these shorts are made from Burda’s pattern, not going to remember exact issue, but I believe it could be the one from year 2011? Anyway, these are pretty easy to make.

        Fabric: I fully lined them, since I used crepe georgette and it was too thin on its own. After that you would only need to attach elasticated band, preferably quite wide one and you are done.

Summer set 3

         Now let me tell you about this top… Oh my… It was supposed to be a skirt of this dress. Why it did not work out? I was silly enough to choose wrong fabric and pair it up with wrong lining. I know, I must have been day dreaming. Anyhow, I undid the skirt from the top part of the dress and stared at it for about an hour until I came up with this solution: let’s make a top with straps out of it. Funny as it may sound, but as I pulled the skirt over my upper body it happened to fit me perfectly. So, without a single alteration I just hemmed the edges, added straps and here we go!


7 thoughts on “Chasing summer with Burda’s shorts and “failed” skirt turned into a top

  1. The top looks great! And it goes really well with your lovely new shorts. I’ve got a few issues of Burda but still haven’t made anything from them yet – one of these days…!


    1. Thank you!!! 🙂

      Burda’s patterns are great, but here is a bit of advice. If you look at their pattern and realize that the pattern piece itself looks slightly different from the garment that is presented – don’t make it. Sometimes their patterns are a bit off… sometimes you can fix it and sometimes it is project gone wrong. But it happened to me only once or twice through past 2-3 years.


      1. Oh that’s definitely good to know, thanks! I have looked through the pieces and on occasion thought they seemed a bit odd alright. I’ll make a start by trying some of their much simpler ones soon!


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