Weekly photo challenge: EXTRA, EXTRA

        This week bloggers around the world were asked to share a photo that shows something EXTRA, EXTRA. Whether it is something with a twist, something different or something completely ordinary, as long as there is something extra to it.

       Last week we traveled to Corona, California to visit Koroneburg Renaissance faire. As usually: lots of handmade stuff, lots of shows and lots of historical reenactments. As a main picture for this week’s photo challenge I captured a stop motion of one of the shows at the Renaissance faire. This particular show, The Pyro Juggler, had a special touch to it. In the middle of fire eating, knife juggling and etc., its producer and performer Thomas Wood set his nipple on fire. What an EXTRA! Besides, it happened so that I managed to capture his facial expression the very second before fire touched his “gentle area”.

Thomas Wood a twist

Enjoy other pictures from the Renaissance faire:


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