Burda Sewing: all things girly

     Pink ruffle dress cover

     It’s summer time and things should come easy breezy, even sewing! Creating summer wardrobe is fun, but it is a twisted challenge. Clothing supposed to look beautiful, be comfortable and… made out of thin, natural “summer time” fabrics. If to be honest, after defining these three main characteristics there are not that many options left.

      My suggestion is: use simple patterns and flowing fabrics (chiffon, crepe, silk and etc). Don’t forget to choose right colors, personally I don’t like black and solid red in my summer wardrobe. Since I wanted to create something extra girly I chose this blush pink crepe and dusty pink chiffon.

Pattern: Burda 8/2011, 105 (see pattern). I made simple modifications: omitted zipper (dress goes through my head and hips easily), used 2 different fabrics for dress itself and flounces.

Fabric: blush pink crepe and dusty pink chiffon

Burda style: find my project in my Burda studio, here.

NEW! I finally signed up on pinterest.com, and you can see my profile here. There you will find my sewing showcase and sewing “to do” list, some craft activities and more. I have just started, so make sure check back later! 🙂 Also, don’t miss “pin it” button at the end of this post!

Pink ruffle dress 4

Pink ruffle dress 3


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