Sewing Valentino inspired lace skirt! (Burda’s pattern)

    Valentino inspired lace skirt cover

  I believe most of you, sewing bees, are familiar with the feeling of wild excitement when you have a piece of beautiful fabric on your hands and a dress pattern you dreamed of! Well, yeah… for me it usually never ends well. Why? I get overly excited and sometimes I forget to notice simple fabric characteristics, like tendency to pucker or to stretch unevenly.

       Same happened here… I was inspired to make a dress Valentino style out of guipure lace that my mom gave me.

     Everything was fine till the moment when I needed to sew neckline. Nothing worked, it came out terribly, even worse with interfacing. Being upset, bot not given up I decided to modify my idea into a skirt. Now I am convinced that it was for good: the whole dress in purple would be too much. I also made the blouse, I used crepe fabric in off white. Raglan sleeves are one of my favorite, but in this case I think I needed something a bit more flowing, like white chiffon blouse. Don’t you think?

Pattern: Burda Style 3477, I traced the whole dress but used only skirt part pattern from the waistline

Fabric: guipure lace, pink stretch satin $4/yard (get it here), elasticated band

Burda’s studio: Valentino inspired lace skirt. Catch me at Simple Simon and Co. Don’t forget to follow-up my Pinterest.

Valentino inspired lace skirt 4


6 thoughts on “Sewing Valentino inspired lace skirt! (Burda’s pattern)

    1. Yes!!! I love guipure lace and it is such a trend now! The only thing I fear when I sew lace is that it might look like a night gown, so I try to avoid pastel tones. Good luck on your sewing, make sure you blog about it 🙂


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