My journey leftovers

     We all have our little obsessions, we are humans after all. It is considered perfectly normal to collect, to put aside, to treasure something long forgotten, useless or even broken. Why? Just a human nature, I guess. I love to travel, like a lot of you do. Millions of people around the world spend millions on purchasing and bringing home little shot glasses, badges, fridge magnets, statues… Any sort of souvenirs – you name it! Well, I have all of that and even more: an excessive collection of postcards from around the world is my definite no1 pride. Gently sorted out by countries and stored in a special album my postcards are in a high value to me, but there is something else. There is almost always something else, isn’t that right?

     Museum tickets, train passes, festival flyers, restaurant receipts – this is just a beginning of my journey leftover list. Believe me, it can go on and on forever. To be completely honest I don’t even know why do I care for these little items, that carry absolutely no sense and material value. But I do put those aside, in a special glass jar, not as neat as my postcards, no, but still they have a personal designated place. This jar has been there for quite a while, being always filled up with more and more stuff, but remaining untouched, keeping all the secrets to itself. It is a mixture of everything (coins, price tags, cards, city maps, tickets, advertisements, anything brought back form a travel trip), an ugly mixture I should admit. It definitely does not apply to anything else in the room, neither it applies to my character.

     It has always fascinated me how our subconscious mind is taking over us in the most weirdest of forms. Is it some sort of a sign? A puzzle? Maybe I should shake that jar up, trash it on the floor and pick all the pieces until I see the bigger picture? Instead I fear. There is something unknown, definitely something left, something that’s been over. A leftover after all.

    Should a “left-over” be a “get-over”? Or maybe some mysteries are better left unsolved?

Thank you for stopping by!

Written for Weekly Writing Challenge on WordPress.

Journey leftovers



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