Electric BLUE leather necklace by Firefly Trade Goods

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   This particular monochrome suede feather necklace with  beads you can buy here.

It has been a BIG debate whether to get involved or not, but we finally decided to try. I believe that most of Etsy sellers had a great deal of doubts about opening an online store. Is it going to work> How much do I need to invest? Will I make any money out of it?

    The main reason why we, me and Jared, decided to do it is because we have been very adventurous lately about participating in one of the local Renaissance fairs. Las Vegas Renaissance fair is in the mid-October and we have been prepping for it for at least 3 months now. So, we have worked on: the stock, advertising, outlook of the store, our costumes, store activities and such; we could not wait any longer to get our hands on actually selling and bringing our vision of Renaissance to the people. Having fun is what actually motivates us, not the money-making idea. As of right now, our etsy store is not huge, but it is just about to expand as I am taking and editing pictures day and night. I should say, it is a lot tougher and sophisticated than it seems. I started adding smaller items first, like earrings and bracelets and in a week or so I am hoping to move onto heavy leather armor made by my husband.

Will see how it goes, and if we actually have fun doing it. After all, it is a professional hobby.

Do you own an etsy store? If so, please share a sentence or so about your experience 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!


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