DIY: Jack Daniel’s jewelry stand

SAM_0635Ever wondered what to do with all those excessive amounts of empty bottles after another party? Well, this post is just about right on how to give your bottle of Jack second shelf life and twist it over as a jewelry stand!

Easy, fun and entertaining, all you need to have: empty bottle and paint/brushes. I used Jack Daniel’s  and Yellow Tail bottle. Paint them black or any other color you find suitable for your room/bedroom and then apply interesting pattern. In my case, since recently I am all about different quotations, – I used “Life is too short to wear boring jewelry” and “Shine bright like a diamond”.

After your bottles are painted, you need to be equiped with moment/super glue and wooden/metallic prolonged stick. What you need to do is to glue the stick on top of each bottle – voila! Now you have your own, unique jewelry stand! Personally I will use one for earrings and another one for bracelets.

Enjoy your time,




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