Soft blush look: sewing Burda’s ruched skirt and knit sweater (with pattern)

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Pink skirt COVER

      So, do you know that feeling when you realize that you have made 5 skirts and 3 tops out of the same patterns over and over again? YES, that’s me! I really love Burda’s ruched skirt pattern and simple, draft -it-yourself sweater pattern, also from Burda. This is not the first time I sewed both of these patterns, here is another ruched skirt I made in grey-white combination and an animal print sweater. I love the outcome and if I decide to make couple of more skirts or sweaters, oh well, so be it! 🙂 Read pattern description and material notes below. Tell me, do you have a stack of favorite patterns?

Fabric: for the sweater – thin knit or jersey, for the skirt – thick jersey and white chiffon, elasticated band

Sweater: This is the technical picture of another sweater from Burda’s website, but it is the same pattern scheme, omit the band at the bottom. Measure your shoulder length, then figure out how long you would like it to be – draft a rectangular. Your sleeve opening should be about 21-23 cm (7″-9″), your wrist opening about 9-12 cm (4″-5″), length of sleeve about 55 cm. Put those measurements on the tracing paper, draw a diagonal line from wrist opening to a sleeve opening. Draft two body pieces (2 rectangular), and 2 sleeve pieces on fold. Stitch all together and your sweater is ready!

Pattern: skirt pattern 121 from Burda’s issue 8/2011. Of course it’s Burda’s pattern! I fell in love with pretty much every single detail of this skirt, on the picture original skirt was made all in white but it seemed to be like an overload of white… So, I was lucky to find this nice, thick grey knit jersey at remnant sales in Jo Ann’s and then the white ruched insert is all chiffon. This pattern really does not take too many of materials. I omitted the zipper since it is jersey and added wider band at the top where I inserted elasticated band.

Techniques: believe it or not, but for all those dozens and dozens of skirts I made this was my first to try blind hemming. I have heard people saying it is a difficult one, but I can not say the same. It was quite easy-going process for me and the result is great.

Pink skirt collage Pink skirt 1 Pink skirt 2

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