First time black pants – sewing monochrome! (Burda Style patterns)

Monochrome 6 cover

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         This month has been full of changes: I started my new job, we got very close to completing all of our immigration paperwork, we are looking forward to start our application for Renaissance Fair in Las Vegas. To be honest, I am not too big on wearing black and white, in fact – I don’t like that combination at all, but since my job requires business attire I try to adjust as much as I can. Instead of wearing pitch black I usually prefer such colors like navy blue, deep purple, dark green, deep camel and silver-grey. This time I had an amazing black raw stretch silk fabric from my mom, and it was just perfect for cigarette pants. This was my FIRST TIME sewing pants, pockets, fly zipper and belt hooks. It was a challenge, but I fell in love with sewing pants so I traced the same pants pattern one more time, in baby blue stretch cotton. I enjoy sewing blouses and tops very much, you can use all your imaginations and it will definitely pay off. I had a smaller piece of a very festive printed silk satin, but unfortunately not enough to make a full sleeveless top. So I decided to look in my fabric stash and found matching crepe satin in pearl white. Read on for patterns and pictures:

Pants: Burda’s narrow pants pattern 115 from 3/2014. I used raw stretch silk in black. Pattern is definitely a keeper. I had no problems with it, no adjustments made. In the same magazine issue they also had step-by-step instructions that helped greatly.

Blouse: it is a simple top that you can surely draft yourself. But I like to use Burda’s dress pattern 106, from 8/2011. I make adjustment such as shortening the length and modifying the neckline.

New techniques: topstitching, sewing fly zipper, baby hem, pocket sewing.

Monochrome collage


12 thoughts on “First time black pants – sewing monochrome! (Burda Style patterns)

  1. Looks like a great fit and I love the pockets. I’ve been a thinking about making cigarette pants myself, I think I’ll have to add this pattern to my stash!


    1. Go for it, Rachel! Just make sure you choose right fabric, with enough amount of stretch. But the pattern that I used for these (the one from Burda) is really good AND there is a step by step instruction with illustrations!


    1. Thank you so much! I love the top as well, especially the white section at the top. It came out unintentionally like that, since I did not have enough of fabric, but I love it 🙂


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