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    1. alisasibrova says:

      Thanks🙂 you are welcome to participate🙂


  1. MaggieMay says:

    Nordkapp Yeaaah! Norway Yeeeah!
    Postcards are fun😀


    1. alisasibrova says:

      Yes, that’s one of the places I enjoyed SO MUCH! Thank you for stopping by🙂


  2. I love traveling, looks like you’ve got a great postcard collection!

    I was wondering though…Could you fix your feed in the Sewcialist Firehose? It’s only giving a feed of the comments on your blog and not your actual blogposts. I’m sure your commenters are lovely, but I’d love to read your content instead. lol


    1. alisasibrova says:

      I was trying to contact The Sewcialists team because I have noticed this issue as well. I am not sure how to fix it…. I will look into it one more time Thank you for stopping by!🙂


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