Let’s sugarcoat it: ruffle top and layered skirt DIY!

21 thoughts on “Let’s sugarcoat it: ruffle top and layered skirt DIY!”

  1. Such a beautiful skirt!
    It reminds me a lot of the chiffon american apparel skirts! I recently found one at the thrift store (in the childrens section, at the low price of 4$!) and it has become my favorite skirt for summer!
    I might have to make one !


    1. 4$ is a great price, and that’s approx. how much did it cost me to do my skirt. Maybe a little less, and that’s what like about sewing – you can cater to your own finances and abilities. Sometimes I get fabric worth 45$/yard, sometimes I thrift it. I am glad that you enjoy sewing and I am looking forward to see your projects! 🙂 Cheers!


  2. Super cute and I love PINK too! I love to sew and used to make all of my clothes when growing up and then my children’s when they were young. A fun hobby to have. You did a beautiful job.


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