Let’s sugarcoat it: ruffle top and layered skirt DIY!

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Pink and white cover

       Let’s talk SUGAR, SPICE and everything NICE! Oddly enough, since being a little girl I never really enjoyed pink color. It was never my thing, and if to be honest I grew up with quite dislike towards everything pink. I can not really explain, it just happened so. But growing up and actually starting to know the difference between pink, soft blush, baby pink, hot pink, fuchsia and other colors in pallet of pinks made me realize that on some occasions pink is just what I need. When summer is in town it is one of my favorite colors to wear. Paired up with white, or maybe neon, it creates fresh and sweet look for those breezy summer days. besides, if you make it in layers and ruffles, like I did, then it is a perfect party outfit right there!


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Outfit: hot pink ruffle top, layered chiffon skirt, hot pink Carvela heels, pearl necklace, Pandora bracelet

Fabric: ribbed mixed cotton for ruffle top, chiffon and white linen for skirt

Patterns: here comes the fun part – I have used these pattern million times! They are SO basic, that you can modify them up to your taste and preference, any way you like.

Skirt: measure your waist, mine is 18″. This will be your elasticated waist band. Then use approx. twice as length as of your waist length if you want a big puffy skirt, if not, use about 10″-15″ more. I used a length of  28″. For all three pattern pieces: 1st layer of chiffon, 2nd layer of chiffon, 3 layer of cotton use the same width ( 28″ in my case). Then depending on how long you want your skirt draft 3 rectangular, with height difference in about 2,5″ difference. Then layer the skirt: cotton lining underneath, then longest chiffon layer, then shortest chiffon layer. Gather them up by running through with widest basic stitch you have and then gathering them up. Add an elastic waistband.

Top: Burda 8/2011, 105 (see pattern). It is a dress pattern, but all you need to do is to shorten it. And… it is so basic, there is nothing too special about this pattern, You can copy one of your existing tops that you have in your closet, or maybe draft it yourself.

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Pink and white 2 Pink and white cupcake

Pink and white coll




21 thoughts on “Let’s sugarcoat it: ruffle top and layered skirt DIY!

  1. Such a beautiful skirt!
    It reminds me a lot of the chiffon american apparel skirts! I recently found one at the thrift store (in the childrens section, at the low price of 4$!) and it has become my favorite skirt for summer!
    I might have to make one !


    1. 4$ is a great price, and that’s approx. how much did it cost me to do my skirt. Maybe a little less, and that’s what like about sewing – you can cater to your own finances and abilities. Sometimes I get fabric worth 45$/yard, sometimes I thrift it. I am glad that you enjoy sewing and I am looking forward to see your projects! 🙂 Cheers!


  2. Super cute and I love PINK too! I love to sew and used to make all of my clothes when growing up and then my children’s when they were young. A fun hobby to have. You did a beautiful job.


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