A graceful life to live! Dear Manifesto…

You are smart, you are kind, you are important…

Dear Manifesto,

my only wish, requirement and just a friendly advice is: stop being so critical, judgmental, strict and demanding. Drop the deadlines, drop those bullet points. Just enjoy, just live, just love. Isn’t that all we need? That’s right. Now, if you will excuse me – I have a graceful life to live and I need to hurry up!

How many times have you felt lost and never found in a hassle of every day life? How many times you wished to stop for a second to find yourself, your true self? How many times you were meant to wear a mask when all you wanted is to be who you really are? I think most of you have lost the count. Speaking of myself – I am just like anybody else. Personally, I love bucket lists and to prove that most of my pinterest boards feature “….. to do list” phrase. Manifests, resolutions, to do lists – all of these are very useful tools for self-development. I love to be organized and sorted out, that’s what brings comfort and relaxation into my life. So… what am I talking about?

I am pretty sure that you are confused as of what am I trying to say here. Well, it is all pretty straight forward: there is no use of a bucket list if you are not happy with who you are, if you don’t have time for yourself.  So my best advice is: focus on yourself first. Don’t bring it to the extremes, don’t master the art of self-pity, but be sure to find yourself and define what and who you are. Life is too busy nowadays and it gets so easy to lose yourself. Don’t risk it and don’t wait. Believe me, it is a lot more enjoyable to achieve all those great things in life when you are confident, smart, and important not only to others, but also to yourself.

Now… let’s move on to my personal manifesto. I have divided it into couple of sections, that way it is easier for me to keep track.

Manifesto for my artistic side:

  • Keep painting what I love on a regular basis
  • Find a small town café where I could organize an improvised art exhibition, free style
  • Put some of my painting on our Etsy

Manifesto for my sewing passion:

  • Develop the sewing section of my blog to the perfection
  • Organize a professional photo shoot of my garments to track self-development
  • Participate in sewing contests and hopefully host one of my own
  • Master my sewing skills in various fields and sew my own wardrobe
  • Participate in young designers fashion show

Manifesto for my book writing adventures:

  • Finish my book
  • Find publishing agency

Manifesto for traveling destinations:

  • Travel around South America 2015
  • Enjoy different cultures
  • See as many places as we can
  • Taste every bit of interesting foods that we find
  • Travel and visit all 50 states of U.S.

Manifesto for my work and career:

  • Deliver my best experience and knowledge
  • Strive for success
  • Be fair
  • Always develop in my career
  • Assisting and being involved
  • Learn Spanish to the perfection
  • Go back to school and get 2nd (this time fully finished) Bachelor’s degree

Manifesto for our marriage:

  • To support my beloved one no matter what
  • To always be there, day or night
  • To share each others passions
  • To move into a new house
  • To love each other more and more one day at a time

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