Top 50 fashion sewing bloggers! Are you in?!

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Fashion blogging is not easy, as famous quote of Project Runway says: “One day you’re in, another day you’re out”. Now… can you imagine how it is to be a fashion SEWING blogger? Not only you blog about fashion, you create it. With every blog post, with every stitch we mark our presence in the fashion world. Surely, the are a lot more risks being a sewing enthusiast, truth is – there are going to be a lot of failures, AND THAT IS OK. Putting together designs, concepts, fabrics, colors, textures and making it ALL on your own – that take a big gut…

Styling layered chiffon skirt

     When I first started I had no idea I would be blogging about sewing, at first my blog was my creative outlet for just about anything: traveling, writing, baking, art, photography and eventually sewing. I don’t blog for money, neither do I do it professionally. I haven’t bought my own website and built it from scratch, no. I own a humble WordPress blog that I dressed up myself, it took a good while to get familiar with Photoshop, and sharing platforms, then with ongoing events around the blogging community. It seems that if you want to become a great blogger it is never enough with what you know, you should be always evolving, always staying on top. One thing I know for sure though – it is important to be consistent. I don’t have set days when I blog, but I blog regularly, at least 20 articles per month. It is quite a lot and I enjoy it: blogging is about you in the first place, it is your internet writing space and you should respect it. If you do it for others: stop and think again!

4 skirts 1 pattern

      I am all about being creative: it develops you, twists your brain and exercises your fantasy. Sewing is one of the ways of how to express your personality, and it is not a cheap one. Most of people, for some reason, think that sewing saves you money. Let me tell you – that’s the biggest absurd I have ever heard! It doesn’t save you money, not always. Sewing from natural materials like silk and cotton can be very pricey. Don’t get me wrong, if you were to do a copycat of $700 Valentino skirt – YES it would save you money, but that’s about it. For me the deal is far beyond money question, it is all about the feel. Knowing that I made it for myself, that it is tailored for me, that the combination of color is the way I love it – that is what makes me happy!

Blouses 4

    Burda Style I searching for TOP50 FASHION SEWING BLOGGERS! Can you imagine how happy I was when I saw my picture on their cover?! Very happy! Especially when Burda Style is my favorite sewing magazine, I love their patterns.

So, Voting Dates are:  September 2 thru September 7

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