Oh those precious fabric scraps! Now on our Etsy store for $15.00

They say sharing is caring, and that is what we do! I recently went through my fabric remnant stash, that has been carefully tucked away for about a month and concluded that it would make great assortment for scrap fabric bundle. I am very selective on the fabric I use, I like good soft materials, as well as fabrics that will hold the shape for certain projects, flowing materials and that is what you’re going to get out of this bundle. Most of the pieces are big enough to make a top, skirt, tank top or an accessory.  Get this bundle at our Etsy store for $15.00 + 3.5- delivery for USA and check the listing for the world-wide delivery pricing, if you live outside US – please message me before purchasing.

Firefly Trade Goods on Etsy

Fabric remnants

This is variety pack of 14 different fabrics: most of them are in generous sizes, anywhere from 1/3 yard and up to a 1 yard and a half. They are all in rectangular shapes, clean and well maintained.

Selection includes:
– stretch dull satin (bright yellow)
– vintage sating (floral pattern)
– mesh chiffon (blue and red floral pattern)
– floral broadcloth (black and yellow pink flowers)
– pink jersey
– animal print fine (thin) jersey
– brown and blue floral stretch fine jersey
– satin boarder print
– peach crepe
– lemon yellow crepe
– lemon yellow cotton blend
– dark blue stretch crepe
– and a very very small piece of beautiful satin piece in ornaments of black and blue on white (I decided to include this one, since it is so beautiful and can be used for some detailing or even an accessory)

Sizes are irregular, but all are big enough to make a piece of clothing from one piece, or combining fabric together. Remember, this is a remnant selection pack.

Biggest pieces are floral satin, blue and red floral chiffon mesh, yellow dull stretch satin, animal print fine jersey and brown and blue floral fine stretch jersey.

All this will be tightly packed in one flat rate envelope, that way you can imagine the amount.

Please let me know if you have any question 🙂



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