Natural lavender sachets on our Etsy shop!


       I can not speak for everybody, but personally I adore the scent of natural lavender in the house, it makes me comfortable and relaxed. So, our new arrival to our Etsy store is the listing for all natural lavender sachets. Treat yourself or someone important in your life with these wonderful ALL natural lavender sachets, 100% handmade, sewn together and gently filled with lavender buds these will be perfect for your home! Sachet material can vary, but mostly it is hand dyed silk, taffeta and silk crepe, fastened with a ribbon bow. Each of them is approximately 3,5 inches long, 2 inches tall, and 0,75 inches wide, generously filled with natural lavender.

Firefly Trade Goods on Etsy

Choose from 4 different colors:
– Pearl White
– Deep Purple
– Silver Grey
– Mixed Pink

Buy one for $2, any 2 for $3.50 and any 3 for $5. If you would like to have more than 3- please let us know, we sure do have more of these beautiful sachets and more colors are coming! pssshhh, like: floral black, Irish green and paisley.

Happy shopping!


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