Selfish sewing: cappuccino top!

     Selfish Sewing - cappuccino top

           The week between September 22nd and 28th is the week of Selfish Sewing that I discovered over at Imaginegnats blog. It is an interesting concept encouraging us, sewing enthusiasts, to sew for ourselves. To put aside all the projects for kids, friends, your boss and husband… and enjoy your “me” time with your sewing machine. Well, I can’t complain, since I do sew only for myself, but there is one things that I could not find any time for. My guilty pleasure is: I love sewing and creating out of scraps. It stretched your creativity, it gives you a certain amount of challenge and it is very difficult to sew a garment out of scraps. I love a good challenge, and I believe that so do You. So, this week for Selfish Sewing marathon I created a CapPucCino top out of 4 different fabrics. Let’s see how it came out!

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By accepting scrap challenge I  could not even think that I will be working with bits and pieces of fabric so small, that I need to sew it together to actually have a fabric to work with. You can be a witness of it by looking at the photo that says “ZigZag”! Satin was a bit puckering so I did topstitching on all seams, including darts. It can be worn as a very casual piece with a pair of jeans and converse OR dress it up like I did: with some animal print heels and pearl necklace! Enjoy!

Fabric: all satin and crepe beige, cream, white, brown

Pattern: simple tank top pattern

Techniques: top stitching and angle sewing

Selfish Sewing - cappuccino top 1


Selfish Sewing - cappuccino top 2


Selfish sewing collage


Selfish Sewing - cappuccino top 3


6 thoughts on “Selfish sewing: cappuccino top!

  1. Wow, so much details went into this. At first it just looked really basic until I saw the zic zag picture. Then I realized that it was alot more! Love it! I actually sew a shirt similar to this!


    1. Thank you so much! Yes, it is kind of basic, but I like to give it a little twist, and… sometimes for things to look beautiful it does not need to be complicated! Thank you for stopping by!


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