One week – one pattern! Sewing and creating.

       Falling in love with one particular pattern is dangerous, you might easily end up with a wardrobe full of “one look” type of clothing. But, don’t let this thought to discourage you. Using the same pattern in many different ways and twists can be a very handy thing: first of all – it trains you on executing perfectly a particular style of clothing and sewing, second – it makes your creativity bubble, and after all – if the silhouette fits you – why not?

I would like to share one great sewing source if you’re looking for one pattern-many interpretation challenges, it is Jane is hosting so-called “One week, one pattern” sewing challenge/showcase. It really is not about sewing and trying to prep for you, but rather meant to showcase your different ideas on how to make a garment stand on its own. I did not have a chance this time around to take a part in “One week-one pattern”, but I do have my little showcase ready for you, guys. Let’s see!

Here we have:

  1. Cappuccino top
  2. Frill chiffon dress
  3. Hot pink ruffle top
  4. Monochrome office blouse
  5. and… men’s shirt refashion into girly blouse

One Week One pattern

Men's shirt refashion cover

All of these 5 garments are using the same pattern: Burda’s frill dress 8/2011, 105 (see pattern), but each one of them clearly has its own character and point of view, as well as the occasion to wear it to. Fabric variations are different as well: sating, chiffon, crepe, cotton and rayon. It definitely is fun to create something so simple and different from each other, besides – I love this pattern – it is easy to use and it fits me greatly!

How about yourself, do you like to use one pattern over and over again? Share the link in the comments – I would love to take a look!



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