Make it pop! DIY accessories

      Creating a look is not only about sewing clothing, everything counts when you’re making your vision come true: those shoes, those accessories and that make-up.  I should admit that I don’t know much about make-up, although I love working with colors and canvas, but I have never done make-up for anyone else but myself; about shoes I wrote so many things in the past and you can clearly sense ma fashion fetish towards a good pair of shoes. This time we will speak about accessories and making your look pop!

I love both – store-bought and DIY accessories, if both are executed well – I will take either one. Sometimes it is easier to go DIY route just because the color match is so significant and so rarely achieved to a perfection when you buy separates.  Besides, you don’t need much to make a cute little dangle-brooch like this one. You will need: one pin with one side flat so you can fasten the bow to it, ribbon or over-locked chiffon strip, golden chain, fabric petals and one pearl bead. The budget for this craft project is probably way under  $1.50, but it still looks stylish and quite expensive.

Bow brooch cover 1

Bow brooch 2

In the past I have made fabric flower brooch that looked quite interesting, let’s take a peek:

Flower brooch business casual

Another flower brooch that is less classy, but still quite funky:

Fabric Flower


One thought on “Make it pop! DIY accessories

  1. I love love love this idea! I have been collecting some fabric scraps for a while now in hopes of getting around to making some hair bows like the one in the first picture. When I was in high school I used to use satin ribbon and larger bobby pins to make hair bows, but I don’t like them so much anymore!

    I think the very first pale pink chiffon bow would look great in to do a half up/half down hairstyle!

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