Free fashionable sewing patterns. Useful list.

Free pattern list

Hello there, beautiful people!

This time it is a useful list of free sewing patterns. One of the problems that I ran into – yes, there are a lot of free patterns, BUT most of them are so ridiculously simple or not precise in measurements. This is a list of patterns that I enjoy, I find them useful, and I will be posting in the future my creations using these patterns.

  1. Great summer tank top tutorial (I adjusted it a bit in the armhole gaps, but that was just about it)
  2. All sorts of FREE blouse patterns
  3. Cropped jacket tutorial – YES, YES and YES!
  4. Simple shrug from
  5. Multiple Kimono cardigan tutorials
  6. Interesting blouse tutorial (All in Polish, and… I don’t know Polish, but for those who sew – it is easy to navigate around the pattern marks)
  7. GAP dress knock-off from

THE ULTIMATE PlACE WHERE TO GET FREE PATTERNS –, not all of the patterns are free, but if your surf the directories you will find a lot of “draft it yourself” items that are great for easy and elegant wear.



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