Age of Chivalry: Ren fair in Las Vegas

         We have been looking forward to this renaissance fair for almost a year now, and visiting it this year gave us a dose of mixed feelings. We still can not decide if we really liked it… or not. Although Renaissance fair was back to it’s old location, it did not seem that venue coordinators have put too much thought in it. Food was one of the aspects that we were focusing on, since we are such foodies. Well, firs thing that comes to mind is that it was extremely overpriced and of very poor quality. Second thing is that there was no involvement with public from the side of vent participants what so ever. In comparison with Ren Pleasure fair in California, this renaissance fair was… bad. We had fun anyway, and weren’t too upset about these details. Enjoy some photos from the event, and let’s cross our fingers that next year it will be better. Cheers!











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