Sewing Mondays: gathered sleeve top

   V-neck top cover 1

    This month has been crazy: we have just moved into our new home, wedding is getting closer and close and for some reason life throws at us unexpected twists and turns. I love life the way it is and it does not bother me, the only thing though – I wish I could have 34 h in a day, so I could start a project and finish it the same day. Anyways, I have been sewing quite a lot, but did not really have time to post it only, I know, it is a shame. So today I am more than happy to present you a quick project to add something to your wardrobe.

Fabric: silky crepe

Pattern: Burda 02/2014

New elements: I added sheer black panels on the sides and on the bottom. Also, originally this top was supposed to be with the gathered sleeves, but I decided to use a tie-up style. I must say, I quite like it. V-neck is a bit unusual for me, but it is pretty comfy and not too low. I am not sure I would use this pattern again, just because my style is a bit different from this, but all in all it is a lovely idea. Choose n fabric, with some body and drape. Happy sewing!

V-neck top cover

V-neck details

V-neck tie sleeves


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