Finally, back to sewing: cropped jacket!

4 thoughts on “Finally, back to sewing: cropped jacket!”

  1. Congratulations on your fifth anniversary, and what a gorgeous jacket with a great fit (especially given how much pattern alteration you needed to do)!

    I’ve been contemplating making a jacket in the Spring, and have been tempted by Burda’s raglan-sleeved bomber jackets but the whole ‘bomber jacket’ look with elasticated cuffs and hem wasn’t really my bag.

    You’ve just proved to me that my idea of leaving the elasticated cuffs off, and making a sophisticated fabric choice, will work beautifully, thank you!

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    1. AP, I am so glad that this article helped you! One thing for sure – nice fabric will do the magic. Also, if by any chance you want to do fabric pairing I, personally, believe that raglan sleeve gives smoother transition from one fabric to another. Besides, raglan sleeves don’t always need to look sporty, I think it is just a common assumption in fashion. Best luck to you on sewing your own raglan-sleeved jacket – I am 100% it will be amazing! And please share your blog if you have one,


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