Sewing Monday: Experimental T-shirt!

         Experimental T shirt

      Good morning, everyone! New Years is approaching our planet: new beginning for ones, great continuation for other. One way or another this year has been an amazing year, had some unexpected turns for sure, but only in the positive way! I am halfway through my New Year’s resolution for 2015, but as for the moment let’s see what new do we have on the sewing horizon. This week it is the EXPERIMENTAL action – raglan T-shirt with paisley application.

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Fabric: the choice of fabric is very unexpected, it is red and grey paisley chiffon, that has been known to be a pain to work with, and a silver rayon. Improvisation was included in almost everything, chiffon sewn neckline, tie-back and layer stripes of chiffon on the bottom of the Tee. It was quite a challenge to tackle chiffon, especially it being so silky and slippery, but if you grab a couple of threads and pull them out of the width of the chiffon fabric – you are guaranteed to have a straight line for the cut.

Experimental T shirt 1

Pattern: Burda’s pattern from 3/2014, #129, that I made this jacket with. As mentioned before, the original pattern came in plus size and required a lot of alterations, but this time I did I different cut of this pattern – made short sleeve, cut in half  in the back to be able to the simple tie-back, made a high neckline. All in all, apart from adjustments, I did not have any problems with this pattern. Great to work, good results!

Experimental T shirt 3

New experience: well… truth to be said I am not the one who likes to make simple clothing pieces that is a lot easier and a lot cheaper to go and get at the store. But recently I ran into a problem of not being able to find a single T-shirt that would have a nice pattern, nice texture, great fabric and a splash of color.  I am a huge fan of graphic T-shirts, but unless I hand-wash them, all the graphics tend to crack after couple of washes… So the decision was made – to start sewing one! Here is the result, a T-shirt that can be dressed up or dressed down, with these black pants – pattern and blog post find here, or with summer shorts!

Experimental T shirt 4

Experimental T shirt 5


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