Me Made May’15 with a side of “feeling good”!


         Me Made May is well-known within “DIY circles of trust” and has been increasing its popularity year by year. Last year I have participated without too big of an input: I was still very new to the sewing world and although I wore “me made” clothing for the whole month of May, I did not document it. This year I have the determination to enjoy and use “Me Made May” in so many different ways:

  1. To analyze my wardrobe: what I already have made, what do I need to make, and what should I keep in mind for the future.
  2. To analyze my sewing skills: my main goal is to make as many pieces of my wardrobe as possible. After all, I made my own wedding gown this year, therefore a bit of persistence and off we go!
  3. To increase productivity: when I analyze my work I try to search for ways of how to be more effective. Same goes for sewing: I love to be CREATIVE and PRODUCTIVE. Using scarp fabrics, or re-using a project that did not come out, or altering pieces of clothing – that is what I want to achieve this month. Productivity to the fullest!
  4.  New projects: you can’t have “Me Made May” without starting a new project, besides “Rock in Rio” is just around the corner and we have tickets for May 9th! Wooop!

        But enough about me, me, me…. not everything rotates around our own selves. Giving is a great privilege that some of us have and some of us don’t. Sometimes it is hard to realize that while I’m having fun with all my hobbies a lot of kids and adults don’t have the most basic necessities. I cannot say that I donate to Big Brothers and Big Sisters on a very regular basis, maybe every 3-4 months or so, but this time I thought to make it a bit special. I have donated some of the handmade pieces. By donating something you have made personally you are also donating your time and thoughts.  And maybe this is one of the activities that you can include for your own “Me Made May” tradition: to sort out your closet and donate what’s in good condition! Remember, even the smallest thing counts!

Here are some pieces that I have donated this month:


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