Me Made May #1 Rock in Rio outfit!

Me Made May1

           Me Made May is almost halfway through and I haven’t even started to post my outfit thread. Well, it is all because I have been waiting for that perfect occasion outfit to kick-start my “Me Made May” marathon! This year has been very special to Las Vegas, even more so taking the fact that over this weekend and next weekend MGM resorts festival grounds are hosting first Rock in Rio festival in USA. It is huge, and it is definitely special, we are talking such bands as: Rise Against, Linkin Park and… Metallica! Yesterday we were fortunate enough to go to the festival and experience it all: see it, hear it, feel it. There you had 3 massive stages, numerous artists, different cultures, different music, lots of food and drinks, alcoholic drinks 🙂 Jared is a huge Metallica fan, and I was really excited to see Linking Park live, and to realize that they put on a good show and they really do sing live on a very good level.

Me Made May11

          Music takes a huge part of my life, and in earlier years Linkin Park was the band that I used to listen to whenever I had some struggles in my life. Their music is strong, but yet sensitive, with ironic sense in their lyrics. Living through the moments of memories brought out some strong emotions of the person I become, it brought some happy tears on my face.

         Festival was a success, we loved mostly everything and the level of energy was amazing. Since I am not a HUGE rock fan I might have felt myself a tiny bit out-of-place, but I did not mind. As mentioned before – it was a success! Couple of things on a list of disappointment, though. Prices were a complete rip off, which would be fine with us if quality would follow, but in 3 times out of 5 it did not happen… Lack of seating areas, which made people sit and sleep on the grass, which then led to passing by people step on their hair, hands and belongings.


       We arrived to the festival somewhere between 6 – 6.30 pm and stayed all the way till 1.30 am, Metallica was performing at the very end and despite the loud music and vibration of the sound my body started to give in, we became tired.

      As for what I wore for Rock in Rio: the weather was warm, but couple of days before the festival it was raining and windy, therefore I decided on a long black pants, white loose top with interesting detailing and front zip jacket. Yes, you have guessed it: all “me-made”!

  • Black pants – read the original post on making of these pants here
  • White loose top is a new addition to my wardrobe and I haven’t written anything about it yet. I will tell you one secret though – I used a free PDF pattern that I found on this amazing blog: Sew Differently. As soon as I post the original article for this top – I will link up the free PDF pattern as well, so that all of you can benefit from it
  • Front zip jacket with raglan sleeves and contrasting details is the adoption of this jacket pattern. As well as the top – it is the new addition to my wardrobe and I haven’t posted any articles on it yet. Whew, my hand will be full after this!

So, with this being said – I am off to prep other “What I wore” posts for “Me Made May”.






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