Let’s face it, if you sew and when you sew – everyone around you knows that. I plead guilty! I, personally can’t help myself to keep quiet when I have made something new! That being said, everyone knows that a needle and a thread in your hands is like magic in Harry Potter movies, so why not try your hand at and impress everyone with these lovely DIY “Thank You” cards?
Time: about 15 minutes per one
Skills: novice
Materials: card stock, thick needle, thread of desired color, pencil and eraser
Use: can be “Thank You cards”, Valentine’s Day cards and Mother’s day cards
Follow step by step instructions below!


1. Get your tools ready: card stock, needle, thread, ruler.

greeting card 1

2. Draw a heart or any other desired shape for your card.

greeting card 2

3. Thread your needle with desired color and start in the middle.

greeting card 3

4. Continue with your ornament like this.

greeting card 4

5. Once you have completed the whole shape – result will be like this.

greeting card 5

6. I decided to not to cover up reverse side of it. To my taste it looks neat enough. If you do wish to cover – use a panel of thin paper and glue to do so.

greeting card 6

7. Use ink pens or sharpies to write a message of your choice and “Ta da!”

greeting crad 7


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