Floral flair & denim – FREE pattern

Make this beautiful floral blouse with scrap fabric and FREE pattern!

I am making my return to the sewing blogger community with this amazing and very stylish (hint on denim and floral pattern) blouse for warmer weather outside. I love the fact that it does not require too much fabric and to sweeten up the deal – I found a free pattern on the internet. Read on and I will share my tips and tricks!

Pattern: this pattern I found on the internet, among many others. What caught my eye? The fact that it had interesting neckline shape, that promised difficult construction due to the straight corners.  Get you FREE pattern here. Enjoy!
Fabric: I used remnant pieces that I could not push myself to get rid off, and good that I did not! 🙂 1/2 yd of each fabric should make it happen, I had irregular fabric scraps and I made it work. Blue fabric is lightweight denim and floral is soft hand silk satin. It is not thick at all and suits perfectly. You will want to choose fabrics that have some body to them in order to form those straight angle corners and to shape beautiful darts in the back. Find similar fabric here.
Skills: novice/intermediate. to my taste, some of the pattern details required alterations and for that you have to have some experience and a sturdy hand in cutting. Also, since the pattern does not provide any bust darts, you should take that into account.
Remarks: had to widen the neckline, since I did not want to complicate the pattern with an invisible zipper, plus I did not have enough fabric to do so. Also, straight corners can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the sewing, therefore in the back of this blouse I did a little trick, I cut the floral pattern so that I would need to sew it in the straight line, forming perfect straight corners and cutting my sewing time nearly in half.
This article is also posted on The Monthly Stitch – if you’re into sewing, you must head over and check it out!
I hope you enjoy this blouse and this project! Thank You!







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