Blooming flowers and all sorts of other floral details continue their fashion trend season after season, everyone loves it and I am not an exception. Silk, chiffon and jersey sections of the fabric stores are like blooming gardens and I could not resist the temptation – I bought this beautiful silk-like remnant piece at Jo-Ann’s for a fraction of a price, found matching soft beige jersey and looked up that Burda Style pattern that I bookmarked a while ago. Let’s get to it!

Fabric: silk-like floral fabric piece and soft beige jersey. Original pattern suggestions was to use only stretch fabric, but since this shirt is quite loose – I figured non-stretch fabric will work as well, and it did!

Additional items: elasticated band for the bottom of your shirt/sweater, bias tape for the neckline

Pattern: Burda Style 9/2014 pattern 114 A. 

Skill level: EASY. The only tough part might be sewing with knits and jersey – practice first on a small piece of remnant or scrap fabric – use zigzag sticth and double needle if you have.

Suggestions: If you have a basic sweathsirt pattern – just alter it by adding 2-3 sizes, to make it loose fitting. Great addition to your closet for sportswear and casual weekends!







10 thoughts on “Burda Style FLOWER POWER

    1. Thank you, Katy! It is sooo true – they never get old, besides, florals look so good on anyone. And, bonus, it was made with a fabric remnant that I got for half the price – that’s the best kind of sewing happiness 🙂

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  1. Beautiful sweater – the flower fabric is wonderful. I think I actually have the magazine with this pattern, I guess it’s about time I tried it as well. It looks really cool!


    1. Well, if you have similar pattern – just up it for about 2-3 sizes, since this pattern is pretty straight forward. Do you have an English version of the magazine? I subscribe to the Russian one.


      1. No, in german! (I’m from Austria) I don’t have a subscription, but I buy them from time to time – mostly for general sewing inspiration, as I hate tracing the patterns, they are so confusing! 🙂


      2. Oh, wow! I am from Europe too, it is so great! some patterns from Burda can be confusing, but if you get Burda – Sew Quick and Easy, their patterns are easier to understand. I think those magazines are issued once every 4 months.


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