Breezy cardigan with FREE pattern

Make this breezy summer cardigan in 3 hrs with free pattern!

Here in Las Vegas it gets hot pretty quick  –  and it is a no-brainer what to wear on those hot summer days. The tricky part is the evening weather, it gets colder towards the night and I always find myself searching for a light cardigan or a jacket that I can throw on and feel comfy, yet summery.

I love how many different colors this fabric has, that being said – it can probably go with more than just a white tank top and jeans. You can dress it up or down, add a statement necklace or a scarf. Multiple possibilities to play around! Let’s get to it!


Time: about 3 hrs

Pattern: find your free pattern here. It is a good pattern and not many alterations are needed.

Fabric: this fabric is stretch sportswear knit, it is also see through and cost me $1.50 from… Wal-mart 🙂 The lady in fabric department told me that once every now and then they get a delivery of  nice fabrics, so I should check back every 3 weeks. Well, here we are! Any stretch or even non-stretch fabric should do for this pattern, as it is flowy and not necessarily skin-tight.

Skills: novice/intermediate. Since it is a stretch knit fabric – it can get tricky… Luckily I have serger, that Jared got my last year and it does the magic when you work with knits. If you don’t – zigzag stitch and double needle are your best friends.


Remarks: the pattern is really straight forward and self-explanatory, it has visual and written instructions, which really helps. I would have done differently the side seam of the front and back bottom panels. It does this little curve, which I don’t really mind, but next time I will pay attention to make sure that it doesn’t dip like that. I might trace the bottom part as a whole one part all together (if the width of the fabric allows). Other than that – I might alter the width of the edge band, I would like it to be a bit smaller and delicate. All together I think it is a good project for serger and for knit fabric, it can also be made in may different fabrics and variations.

Will I reuse the pattern? Yes, with some alterations.

Accessories: maybe a belt to hold it in place, since this cardigan does not feature any buttons or closures.



Curve on the side



The original sketch and fabric samples!





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