FREE T-shirt pattern and MMMay Day #2

MMMAY day 2 with FREE T-shirt pattern!

SO… hundreds of sewing bloggers have kicked off MMMay’16 yesterday and we have the whole month in front of us to see wonderful makes and original sewing ideas, and of course it is a great chance to get to know each other and share our experiences!

Yesterday I shared with you my first T-shirt ever… it is funny, I have probably made over 30 pencil skirts, but never a T -shirt, and now 2 of them. This is my second take, as my husband always complains that I am not sporty enough 🙂 Well, Jared – you got what you have asked for 🙂 my take on a pocket Tee!

I am super excited to share my MeMadeMay’16 journey, so tag along on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin. See ya there!

Pocket Tee

It is perfect for early mornings and first cup of tea, and I should have some of the sewing club ladies at my house today to sew up some magic – that’s my comfy outfit for that!

Pattern: I used already existing T -shirt that I got as a gift from my mom and the same one I used for this project.. I folded it in half, placed it on fabric and cut with 1 inch seam allowance. It was pretty straight forward, since this t-shirt only had 2 pattern pieces: front and back. I must say, I am not a fan of “free-handing” but once you gain certain  confidence in your sewing skills – it can be interesting! But yesterday, while I was Pinteresting (am I making up new words here?) I came across this FREE T-shirt pattern from Melly Sews. Make it yours and make some cute T-shirt!

Fabric: do you recognize the fabric? Pocket and edges are made from leftovers of this wonderful shift dress project. The T-shirt itself – yep, that’s a Wal-Mart find as well, $1.50 for a yard of this burgundy (?) jersey knit. Not too bad 🙂

Skills: intermediate. You have to be comfortable to sew without a pattern and with knit jersey.

Remarks: Well, I shall add that combining stretch and non-stretch fabrics together in such a tight-fitting T-shirt – not the brightest idea. It is basically sewing 101, BUT I really liked how the fabrics looked together and decided to make it work. It does work, it is just not as flexible as a regular t-shirt should be.

Accessories: the shirt itself is so busy already, that it is time to remember that less is more.

FREE T shirt pattern at GoAskAlisa - MMMAY16 pocket detail (1)

 Pocket tee collage


edges Collage

FREE T shirt pattern at GoAskAlisa - MMMAY16 front 1FREE T shirt pattern at GoAskAlisa - MMMAY16 backFREE T shirt pattern at GoAskAlisa - MMMAY16 (1)


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