Day #3 – All in black with FREE kimono Tee pattern

Dressing for work is never easy… Oh, did I tell you? I have started my new job yesterday and I am soo happy, pure joy. As for the dress code – that’s a bit tricky. Two colors that I do not like – black and white, with a little mix of tan. That is just about what I get to wear in color combinations, and nothing else.

It is a tough one for me, since I am a person of color! Take a look at all my previous garments and you will understand!

I chose the combo of cigarette pants from Burda Style magazine and a flowy Kimono blouse/tee, that also comes with a FREE pattern and is a breeze to make.

Update: when I got to work, I realized that we cannot wear V-neck or crew neck blouses/shirts, therefore I had to  quickly change into a white polo shirt 😦

I am super excited to share my MeMadeMay’16 journey, so tag along on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin. See ya there!

MMMAY 16 Day 3


Pattern: Have I mentioned that these pants were my first pants ever made? Yep… about 2 years ago. I used Burda’s narrow pants pattern 115 from 3/2014. I used raw stretch silk in black. Pattern is definitely a keeper. I had no problems with it, no adjustments made. In the same magazine issue they also had step-by-step instructions that helped greatly. Read more about my first time pant sewing adventure in this blog post.

Fabric: stretch silk

Skills: intermediate

Remarks: I have become wiser with my fabric choices and do not choose stretch silk for pants. I still wear these pants actively, but stretch factor is very tricky as you wash and heat dry your garments.

 MMMAY 16 Day 3 side


Time: 1.5 hrs

Pattern: I found this FREE Kimono Tee/blouse pattern from MariaDenmark. You can download it here, after you subscribe for her Blog Newsletter. It is worth it, believe me, I have made at least 7 blouses using this pattern. It is easy, it is quick, it looks great and goes great as a basic piece in an outfit. No brainer 🙂

Fabric: stretch silk

Skills: novice/super easy

Remarks: I have shortened the pattern just for about 2 inches, I am short all together, so I like this blouse when worn untucked to hit my back just a bit above back pockets.

Accessories: I cannot leave without any colors, so I used statement neck tie/scarf to add a splash of something green and citrus-y-y-y!

MMMAY 16 Day 3 front

We took pictures in such hurry, that I did not realize my undergarment strap was showing – sorry for that 😦 It usually doesn’t…

MMMAY 16 Day 3 side  pocket

MMMAY16 Day 3 back


6 thoughts on “Day #3 – All in black with FREE kimono Tee pattern

  1. Love it. Those pants are slammin’! What is the new job and why oh why are they so particular about what you wear? There are so many scenarios that are going around in my head at the moment!


    1. Thank you! It is at Starbucks – I used to be a GM at Licensed store and now I moved to the Company operated side of the business. Well, I believe that shirts with collar just look more professional, and of course color should be streamlines as well – therefore either black or white. At licensed store GM’s dress code wasn’t discussed, but it is a bit different now. I just need to get used to wearing black and white 🙂

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  2. This outfit looks really good, but wow! on that dress code. With your explanation I can see the benefit, but for me it would be hard (wearing a White blouse, aqua pants and Purple cardigan today), but it could also be a challenge to express myself even in those colours.


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