#MMMay Day 4 – Burda pants and floral blouse

After a day at work it is nice to come home, take a shower, brew a cup of tea and relax. If  I have some errands to run I enjoy wearing comfortable, yet nice clothing that makes me happy, especially if it is me-made 🙂 Today I wore Burda style pants and floral sleeveless top, that was such a joy to make and even bigger one to wear.

I am super excited to share my MeMadeMay’16 journey, so tag along on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin. See ya there!

MMMAY16 Day 4


Pattern: I used Burda’s narrow pants pattern 115 from 3/2014. Baby blue pant color was super popular last year, which is when I made these pants, but I think I can still rock them during summer time! 🙂 See the original post for these pants here.

Fabric: cotton with some stretch

Skills: intermediate

Remarks: Although this was my second take on pants I still struggled with waste band, more than with the fly zipper. I know I took away meaningful practice and I am so happy I am not making these mistakes anymore.



Time: 1.5 hrs

Pattern: this is a shortened version of the FREE dress pattern that  have used for this dress. Get your pattern here for FREE and happy sewing!

Fabric: simple floral rayon/cotton and beige polyester back. The floral fabric that I used is simply gorgeous – I ordered it on ebay from a digital fabric print shop and I had such a fear that this fabric is going to have no draping ability what so ever, and I am so glad that this fear never came true. It drapes so beautifully and has such a nice feel on the skin – awesome! By the way, I have already used it one other project – see my sweatshirt with Free Burda Style pattern here.

Skills: novice/super easy

Remarks: I have shortened this pattern from dress to top, also I have omitted the sleeves as well, which took some adjustments within sleeves area.

MMMAY16 Day 4 front

MMMAY16 Day 4 fabric

MMMAY16 Day 4 back

MMMAY16 Day 4 side

MMMAY16 Day 4 full

MMMAY16 Day shoes


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