Color me grey – Day 6 of MMMay 16 with FREE pattern

Grey is a great color – it can be calm and neutral, and it can also be daring and dangerous. I find that grey is more interesting than black and white, it is in-between and therefore has a bigger story to tell…

Day 6 of #MMMay’16 happened to be may day off and for quick grocery shopping as well as multiple house works you can’t find a better fit than simple cotton pant and a t-shirt. This is an interesting play on a t-shirt part  – constructed of different panels it features pastel grey tones, yet interesting details that makes it so versatile: you can dress it up or down. Today I am dressing it down 🙂

I am super excited to share my MeMadeMay’16 journey, so tag along on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin. See ya there!

 Panel Tee MMMay16 day cover 1

Pattern: this pattern is available for free from one of my favorite sewing bloggers Get your FREE pattern here. I have already blogged about another Panel Tee made form the same pattern. You can see how useful this pattern is, whether you’re making something for leisure or night out.

Fabric: happy to say – this pattern is perfect for stash busting!  I used – satin for side panels, blush pink crepe for front panel, white chiffon for ruffles on the sleeves, and t-shirt jersey from an over sized t-shirt that I got as a raffle prize at work. The sleeve features interesting technique where I sewed up strips of chiffon, that was previously gathered into a ruffle. Edges of chiffon are left raw, so it can get a bit messy from time to times, especially after laundry, but it is not too bad. I wanted sleeved to stand out in a subtle way, without too big of a wow factor, and I think I have achieved that!

Skills: novice. This pattern is really great to suit novice skill level, as it is easy to understand and pretty straight forward to put it together. Plus, it won’t discourage you time wise – as you can make this top in 2 hrs! Pretty sweet!

Remarks: pants are modified by me as well. They used to be full lengths bell bottom cotton casual pants. I have decided to chop them off and make them into a capri pants, or how Jared calls them – flood pants 🙂 Everything is better when you add your personal touch!

Panel Tee MMMay16 day 6

Panel Tee MMMay16 day 6 side

Panel Tee MMMay16 day 6 back

Panel Tee MMMay16 day 6 large 1

Panel Tee MMMay16 day 6 large



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