Day 5 of #MMMay and +1 to the basket of sewing failures

Yesterday was fun! 🙂 My husband picked me up from work and we returned home in hopes to enjoy lovely afternoon by relaxing and cooking up something delicious, only to discover that power is still out after the nasty storm that we had here… power did not come back up until later, which left us at home and exposed to old ways of life: book reading and meaningful conversations. I loved it, except for the part that I could not blog my Day 5 of MMMay. But here it is, about lounge wear this time.

I am super excited to share my MeMadeMay’16 journey, so tag along on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin. See ya there!

This is our cat – Wall-e!



Do you have one? I will be honest – I have one, in the closet of my Art/Sewing room. It got pretty full the first 3-6 months of my sewing journey, but throughout the past year I maybe had 1-2 things that did not turn out quite as I wanted. Just to keep myself on the schedule – here is the latest addition to my “Sewing failures” box.



Remember, when I blogged about sewing my Wedding Dress, I put a huge emphasis on fabric choice and what an important role it plays in the overall success of the garment/look.

Pattern: I used Burda’s free pattern that you can get here, once you enter your email to get “Runway to Reality” pamphlet. The pattern comes in PLUS size, therefore I spent quite some time downsizing it to fit me. Including after tracing the pattern out on the fabric, took some nerves. Another project that I made with this pattern you can see here.

Fabric: fun starts here! I decided to be green and environment cautious and instead of throwing old bed sheets away (they did not fit our new mattress) I wanted to recycle them into a lounge wear item. “YAY” I thought and started sewing… It happened to me sometimes: I get super excited and forget to measure twice and cut once. The bed sheet material was almost polyester peach skin like, which meant that after I was done sewing and put it on myself – every single bit and particle of fuzz, dust, hair and such was on my shirt!

For the sleeved I used jersey that I got at Walmart and that I also used in this fun T shirt project.


For the neck piece I used what had been left over from this blouse project. Fun denim detail.


Skills: intermediate

Remarks: Lounge wear it is. Choose your fabric carefully, that is my ongoing lesson for myself 🙂

Happy sewing!




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