Day 7 of #MMMay’16 is BLUE

Saturday was relaxing “UFO sewing-wine drinking-TV show binge watching-laundry doing” kind of day. It was raining outside for the most part of the day and only around 6 pm it cleared for a bit, for long enough for me to be able to sneak outside and take a quick snap of what I wore on Day 7 of #MMMay’16.

By the way, blue is my favorite color 🙂

 This dress is very special, since it is one of the first garments I have ever made – yay for me! I don’t wear it out though, it proved to be a bit to short and tiny bit too baby-doll like, and I honestly end up looking like a teenager, which you can see from the photos yourself.

I am super excited to share my MeMadeMay’16 journey, so tag along on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin. See ya there!

Butterfly dress cover

However, soft cotton fabric and ease of this dress is perfect to wear at home – when you want to devote the day to yourself. It also inspires me a lot – knowing where I started my sewing journey and where am I now, I like to look down my progress line and realize how much I have accomplished and how much I am yet to learn.

Pattern: I used Burda’s bubble dress under dress pattern for the top and the rest of the dress is pretty much self drafted

Fabric: blue cotton fabric was a shawl that my mom gave me and butterfly print fabrics was 1/4 of a yard scrap piece that my mom also gave me for practice.

Skills: novice

Remarks:   Ladies, here is one thing – don’t you dare to throw those scraps away! You can do so much and create endless things that will make your imagination FLY! Here we go one of mine – Butterfly scrap dress. Put a matching belt around your waist if you like. Zipper on the back and voila! The original picture of the first blog post featuring this dress see here.


Butterfly dress front

Butterfly dress side

Butterfly dress back

butterfly dress side1



3 thoughts on “Day 7 of #MMMay’16 is BLUE

      1. I’m just doing a week by week round up here on the blog. I’ve Posted the first week only so far. Look out for the next week in a few days! Thanks for stoping by Alisa xxx


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