Day 8 of #MMMay with FREE pattern- “every treadrop is a waterfall”

I think in previous post, right here, I have mentioned that my favorite color is blue and that one of my favorite music bands is Coldplay. By the way, they’re performing in Las Vegas this coming September and I really hope I can make it to their concert!!!

So, it has been raining yesterday as well and currently I am one day behind on my Me Made May journey – I have all of the photos I just need to sit down and find the time do document it!

“Blue is the color of the clear sky and the deep sea. It is located between violet and green on the optical spectrum”. I feel deeply about blue color, and it wasn’t my favorite choice at all times. I remember myself being deeply in love with red and orange, but for past few years it has been definitely blue, all shades and shapes of it.

My sewing and wearing MeMadeMay’16 journey on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin

Blue pencil skirt cover

Pattern: for skirt I used FREE Burda Style pencil skirt pattern that you can get here by subscribing to their “Runway to Reality” look book. For top I used Harper’s Blouse pattern that was once free from “Spit up and stilettos”, I have tried to find the pattern, but I think she remade her site/blog and deleted all free patterns that she had. So sad 😦 This skirt pattern is great and I encourage you to keep it – it is a basic pencil skirt pattern that you can use as a slopper, you can alter it, adjust it and add details on to it. I have omitted the center back seam as I did not see the use for the slit.

Fabric: I used this beautiful blue water print on stretch cotton from Jo Ann’s for the skirt and a remnant piece of white peach skin from Jo Ann’s as well for the blouse. I learned back then that peach skin is a fabric that gathers every single fuzz and dust particle that there is in the world onto itself.

Skills: novice – intermediate. There is nothing too difficult about this 2 piece project – pencil skirt featured invisible zipper that can be a challenge for beginners, but we all know that practice makes perfect!

Remarks:   The blouse is actually pretty long, past my hips – and I like it that way, I can wear it un-tucked and belted as a tunic or tucked in without any worried that it will be riding up. I did not add any lining for the skirt as the cotton was thick and bulky just enough for this project, extra lining would have made it too thick.

Print: I think I was pretty hesitant about using this bold print in this pencil skirt project, but I am glad I did! One of my worries was matching the print on the side seams and inserting invisible zipper – which turned out just fine, second was just all in all the overpowering feel of color, but this white blouse balances it out!

I love everything about this outfit  – how easy it is, how fun it is to wear it and how many different combinations you can make with other pieces in your wardrobe. Give it a try!

Happy sewing and wearing!

blue pencil skirt solid background

Matching the pattern on the side seams

Blue pencil skirt side

Blue pencil skirt flower cropped

Blue pencil skirt side 1

blue pencil skirt front full


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