Day 10 of #MMMay: “print on print”

Inspiration has an interesting appearance, it comes and goes and you never know in which shape or form it will present itself. This week I was inspired to create something really interesting: print on print garment. It stroke me when one of the final challenges on Project Runway was exactly that.

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Print dress cover 1

Pattern: for this dress I actually used Burda Style pattern for a peplum top. I love this pattern so much – I have made multiple tops with this pattern, with or without peplum and this time I made a dress. Just extend the pattern to the desired length of the dress and ta-da! This pattern also comes with sleeves on one of the dress variations in the magazine!


Fabric: the primary fabric of this dress is a big shawl that my mom gave me as a gift and the green part is a watercolor floral chiffon. The only challenge with this fabric was aligning the chevron pattern so that it would match on both sides, since the print on the fabric was not 100% even, it always makes things interesting.

I was debating for quite some time about this fabric combination, but I think it came out perfect. You can’t really see it in the pictures, but the green chiffon is actually see through + it has a large purple floral pattern, but you can only tiny bit of purple in the back.

Skills: intermediate. It is not a difficult project, BUT you have to have a certain knowledge of extending and adjusting the pattern + you have to know how to insert the elasticized band, that can be interesting too 🙂

All in all I feel that this is a great summer dress, with a  fun print, light fabric and just a fun attitude!

Print dress cover 2

Print dress details

print dress back

Print dress bottom

print dress zoom


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