Day 12 of #MMMay – back to the basics

Day 12 of #MMMay’16 is bringing me back to the basics: I am wearing one of my first makes, that opened up my sewing journey. I still wear it on a regular basis, although knit material has stretched out over the time. Actually, I have a knee-length dress made out of the same material and I think my next project will be refashioning it into a sweater!

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Read the original post of when this top was just made here.

day 12 mmmay knit sweater

Pattern: the pattern I used is from Burda Style 2014 issue. Pattern is so easy that I am pretty sure you can draft it yourself or trace it off of the existing piece of garment.  One of the key ideas by creating this piece: use simple patter that would benefit knit fabric. I modified the neckline a bit, since the knit I used is VERY stretchy I knew I wont be able to make a smooth V-neckline. Instead I substituted it with a triangle piece of lace, that still gives that V-neckline look. I hope you enjoy!

Blue  knit 4
This is the original picture of when this top was just made!

Fabric: I used sweater knit fabric, that I bought at Jo-Ann’s during red tag sale. Lucky me! I got so excited that I bought 2 yds of it.

Skills: novice – intermediate. It is not difficult, but I do remember that it stole any wish for sewing for next 2 weeks. Sewing with knits when you’re just starting out – not a good idea, at least for me!

day 12 mmmay knit sweater 1

day 12 mmmay knit sweater side

day 12 mmmay knit sweater detailday 12 mmmay knit sweater back


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