Day 13 of #MMMay’16 is brining me athleisure

“Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or social occasions.”

It was my Friday and I love a comfy, casual outfit that can be still a little preppy. I don’t usually get to wear skirts apart from work, therefore my husband sometimes complaints about that. I am very active at home – sewing, laundry, clean up and such and pants are more convenient, but sometimes you have to seek compromises 🙂

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day 13 athleisure mmmay16 close up

Pattern: this is the best part, this sweatshirt comes with FREE sewing part form Burda Style, get your FREE pattern HERE.  . Skirt pattern: Of course it’s Burda’s pattern! I fell in love with pretty much every single detail of this skirt, on the picture original skirt was made all in white but it seemed to be like an overload of white… So, I was lucky to find this nice, thick grey knit jersey at remnant sales in Jo Ann’s and then the white ruched insert is all chiffon. This pattern really does not take too many of materials. I omitted the zipper since it is jersey and added wider band at the top where I inserted elasticated band. Check out the original post here



              For the top: it looks like jersey sweatshirt, but it is not. The grey fabric is polly cotton, that I got at Jo-Ann’s fabric from the red tag shelve and floral fabric is thin printed cotton, just tiny bit that I had left. The sleeve cuffs is the only part that was made out of grey jersey, tiny remnant piece.

              For the skirt:thick grey jersey and white chiffon, elasticated band.

Skills: intermediate

day 13 athleisure mmmay16 cover

day 13 athleisure mmmay16 side

day 13 athleisure mmmay16 side 1

Remarks:  believe it or not, but for all those dozens and dozens of skirts I made this was my first to try blind hemming. I have heard people saying it is a difficult one, but I can not say the same. It was quite easy-going process for me and the result is great.

Now, I am not the fan of stretchy fabrics on the skirts, I mostly do tops and dresses in stretchy fabrics. But the pattern hugs all the shapes so nicely, it is comfortable and so soft… You can dress it up, dress it down. The length, just a tiny bit above my knee, is a comfort element for me.

Originally, this skirt was paired up with a knit top that was given to me as a gift. But after I made this sweatshirt, I thought it would be a perfect combo. recently I also got sporty Puma ballerina shoes – all together makes it a perfect athleisure 🙂

Ruffled skirt 4

Burda Style free pattern fromt 1


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