Day 14 of #MMMay’16 – a bit of sparkles!

Day 14 of #MMMay’16 comes with a revelation: the simpler the pattern the more you can go all out with the fabric. Especially when your fabric is sequined or embroidered, with eyelets or some sort of other applique! I have found myself in the past choosing busy patterns and even busier fabrics and ending up in a total fail and disappointment of my sewing abilities. Lesson learned and 2 years later I am thinking twice before matching fabric and construction of the pattern!

I bought this beautiful stretch knit with what it seems rubber sparkling dots on it. I would never expect that my sewing machine would not go through these rubber dots easily, which resolved in one broken needle and sewing apocalypse! I remember scrapping the project and putting this fabric away as far as I could. I recently went through my stash and organized it (as much as I could, we all know how it goes…) and to my surprise found completely forgotten 2 yds of this beautiful material. It was the day after I made my first T-shirt, therefore I decided to give it another try. Besides, I already had serger in my possession and my guess was that serger would probably deal easier with this fabric.

day 14 mmmay with silver t shirt side

Pattern: self-drafted, however here is a similar pattern to what I have used, absolutely FREE.

Skills: intermediate. The reason why I have marked this as intermediate is because I ended finishing all hems by hand. My sewing machine was not capable of it.

Fabric: knit material with rubber pattern on top

I do enjoy this T-shirt, it is simple, yet can be dressed up or down. Below is the picture of me wearing it to our night out at the Bellagio, when we went to see “O” show. Here I paired it with black skinny pants and black jacket, which gave it a preppy look. Worthy enough to go to the theatre.

day 14 mmmay with silver t shirt bellagio

day 14 mmmay with silver t shirt frontday 14 mmmay with silver t shirt backday 14 mmmay with silver t shirt cover


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