Day 16 of #MMMay with Flower Power

I love this time of the year in Vegas: it is warm enough to wear something light, but not hot enough so that all you want is to hide in a room with AC. Day 16 of #MMMay16 is filled with floral accents on my top and in the photo backgrounds! Lovely sleeveless top drafted from FREE shift dress pattern and self drafted gathered skirt. Let’s get to it!

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flower top skirt day 17 cover


Time: 1.5 hrs

Pattern: this is a shortened version of the FREE dress pattern that  have used for this dress. Get your pattern here for FREE and happy sewing!

Fabric: simple floral rayon/cotton and beige polyester back. The floral fabric that I used is simply gorgeous – I ordered it on ebay from a digital fabric print shop and I had such a fear that this fabric is going to have no draping ability what so ever, and I am so glad that this fear never came true. It drapes so beautifully and has such a nice feel on the skin – awesome! By the way, I have already used it one other project – see my sweatshirt with Free Burda Style pattern here.

Skills: novice/super easy

Remarks: I have shortened this pattern from dress to top, also I have omitted the sleeves as well, which took some adjustments within sleeves area.

flower top skirt day 17 full


Skirt: measure your waist, mine is 18″. This will be your elasticated waist band. Then use approx. twice as length as of your waist length if you want a big puffy skirt, if not, use about 10″-15″ more.

I used a length of  28″. For all three pattern pieces: 1st layer of chiffon, 2nd layer of chiffon, 3 layer of cotton use the same width ( 28″ in my case). Then depending on how long you want your skirt draft 3 rectangular, with height difference in about 2,5″ difference. Then layer the skirt: cotton lining underneath, then longest chiffon layer, then shortest chiffon layer. Gather them up by running through with widest basic stitch you have and then gathering them up. Add an elastic waistband.

flower top skirt day 17 full 1

MMMAY16 Day 4 full


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