Day 17 of #MMMay’16 – FREE blouse pattern for work uniform

It is Saturday and I am 5 days behind on my #MMMay reporting. I got all my pictures and now I need to make sure that I document each post. So here I go, jumping on a writing journey for next couple of hours.

Day 17 black and white work combo cover

Continuing third week of my training! A lot of interesting new things, new knowledge and important information to remember for later use. I am pretty excited, apart for my daily commute – it takes me almost 2 hrs one way to get to work, therefore as I mentioned before I pre-schedule my work wardrobe for the entire week. Today I wore recently made tie-blouse and long-worn-my-first-pants-made. Let’s get to it!

Pattern:  For the blouse I used this amazing FREE Lottie blouse pattern from Love Sewing Mag. And when I say amazing –  I mean it –  I have made 3 blouse using this pattern and I am planning to make more. Pattern is well executed, versatile and just perfect for my work days.  Pants are made with cigarette pant pattern form Burda Style. These were my first pans that I made EVER, about 2 yrs ago or so. Read the original post here.

Fabric: I used light white cotton fabric (slightly see through) for the blouse that I got  from Wal mart for about $1.50 a yard and stretch silk for the pants.

Skills: intermediate. Blouse is pretty easy, pants on the other hand are a bit more complicated.

This is a good outfit for work, but I can tell that I have washed these pants SO many times that the fabric is starting to thin out… I might be on the search for another great pattern for next set of pants! Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Day 17 black and white work combo front

Day 17 black and white work combo side

Day 17 black and white work combo detail


7 thoughts on “Day 17 of #MMMay’16 – FREE blouse pattern for work uniform

    1. Definitely, you will love this pattern! The only things, and I just realized that I forgot to note it in my blog posts is that it comes with a straight sleeve and I keep adding sleeve band to gather the sleeve, I just like it better that way. But other than that It is a great pattern to have!

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    1. So sorry about that, Clotilde! I know that at the time I downloaded it, it was still available! So sorry, this pattern is really good… 😦 and thank you for stopping by! Alisa


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