Day 21 of #MMMay’16 – DIY simple gathered skirt

Day 21 of #MMMay16 is filled with simplicity of clean silhouettes and  straight forward patterns. This satin top is one of my first makes from 2 years ago, however this skirt was made just a day before this picture was taken. It is an easy make and will make anyone happy with the outcome – read below for gathered skirt tutorials from other sewing bloggers! Happy Sewing!

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Pattern: for top I used a simple top pattern, that I drafted off a dress and for the gathered skirt I did not use any pattern at all. Instead you can fin a useful list of gathered skirt tutorials below, that will help you DIY your new skirt in hours:

Fabric: black crepe for skirt and polyester satin for the top

Skills: novice

gathered skirt mmmay16 side

gathered skirt mmmay16 zoom

gathered skirt mmmay16 full 2

gathered skirt mmmay16 pattern


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