Day 22 of #MMMay’16 – color blocked

Behind and playing catch up with #MMMay’16. Day 22 is here with simple color blocked kimono blouse made out of remnant piece of floral denim-style poplin and silver-grey shirting fabric. It is simple and comfy, perfect for day on the go!

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colorblocked top cover

Pattern: for the top I used Kirsten Kimono top pattern, perfect for flowy fabrics and summer days. Get your pattern HERE as you sign up for her newsletters. 

Fabric: denim-style poplin and silver-grey shirting fabric

Skills: novice. Super easy to make, just need to adjust the pattern for color blocking

Accessories: I am wearing a scarf, that my husband like to call a “gipsy necklace”, for how colorful it is. I had this scarf for years and to be honest I do not remember exactly where did I get it!

Happy sewing!

colorblocked top

colorblocked top side1


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