Pendrell shirt and Moji skirt – hack it!

Modifying and “hacking” sewing patterns comes to me naturally: the are so many ideas and not enough patterns, and the best way creating something unusual is to mix and match, and add a bit of your own twist. At the very beginning of Indie Pattern Month I invested into Pendrell blouse and Moji pants pattern. I have created three outfits so far: one for an upcoming wedding in September, the other for hot summer weekends and the third one for sporty days. This time I needed something for work, preferably in black. So here we go, hacked Pendrell bow shirt and Moji skirt. Enjoy!

Pendrell blouse - hacked 1

Patterns:  Pendrell blouse is a lovely semi-fitted top pattern form Sewaholic Patterns and comes with 3 options, but none of them had “classic” sleeves and higher neck. Moji pants is Seamwork pattern, that I fell in love with. It is easy, and comfortable, plus I love those grommets –  I modified  it into a skirt.

Hacks: for the blouse I added regular T-shirt sleeve, that I drafted myself. As well as bow tie with tiny V-neck opening for the ties. All pretty simple, all drafted myself – should not be upper difficult for those who sew. For the skirt, I simply measure my hip measurements and drafted a rectangular, layered this pattern with pants pattern and cut out two identical pieces, one for the front, one for the back. I did not modify waistband and pocket patterns.

Fabric: for the shirt I used black rayon bought on sale at Hanckocks fabrics and for the skirt I used stretchy material remnant from Wal-mart, tag did not specify what kind of fabric that was, but I guess stretchy satin.

I like how it came out, I think that the shirt came out a bit more subtle and not as dreamy, and skirt is easy to dress up and down.

Pendrell blouse - hacked details

Pendrell blouse - hacked back

Pendrell blouse - moji skirt

Pendrell blouse - moji skirt front

Pendrell blouse - hacked


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